Greek (Hellenic) Wild Oregano Softgel - 100softgels

- 100% Natural

- 25% Oregano Oil

- 85%    Excellent Virgin Olive Oil

-Contains 108mg of carvacrol for each swallow is committed to providing natural oregano products every day to satisfy our customers and users. Oregano is a fragrant perennial herb. Since ancient times, the ingredients of oreganon have been recognized as therapeutic and recent studies have also shown that oregano oil and carbacholi have strong antifungal effects. Greek oreganon is said to be the best and unique in the world, thanks to its climate, sunlight, sea breeze and nutrient-rich soils. Steamed oregano oil is produced exclusively from Greek mountain oregano and we are always on the right track, creating the best oregano oil from organic oregano without the use of genetically modified crops. Oregano Oil Soft Capsules is a mixture of pure oregano essential oil and extra virgin olive oil. We will send you instructions for use and a certificate of analysis (CoA). Pay attention to the amount of carvacrol used. Chemicals and without alcohol, without GMOs, without additives, distilled steam oil, 725 mg 100 capsules, 125 mg pure essential oil oregano oil and 375 mg extra virgin olive oil, 108 mg carvacrol per capsule, Origanum Vulgare Heracleoticum - Hirtum A soft capsule of Greek oregano called "oregano"

Keep out of reach of children.

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